UCB Biopharma SPRL

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company with the ambition to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on neurology and immunology disorders – putting patients at the center of our world.

UCB is continuously working to advance science and embrace new knowledge. We are leveraging scientific advances and skills in areas such as genetics, biomarkers and human biology. Patients inspire us to bring them value through cutting-edge science, innovative drugs, and practical solutions – so that they and their carers can get on with their lives.

UCB is employing around 7,500 people in all four corners of the globe, inspired by patients and driven by science.

Role within BIOMAP

UCB will co-lead WPs 1, 2 and 6 providing strategic and technical industry-related expertise relevant to the activities ie: refining the clinical phenotypes and patients subtypes, computational and data management platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, systematic literature review. UCB will contribute in the fields of data science w.r.t. the development and validation of a molecular disease taxonomy based on experiences gathered in past IMI projects (e.g. AETIONOMY, PRECISEADS) in WP 3 and support the generation of new reagents for exploring patient samples in WP5.

The UCB team includes:

  • Dr. ‘Matladi N. Ndlovu, Global Lead Innovative Precision Medicine Partnerships
  • Eva Cullen, PsO Global Medical Affairs Lead
  • Dr. Daniela Dastros-Pitei, Head Immunology Clinical Development Practice
  • Dr. Phil Scordis, Director, Strategy and Outreach, Data and Translational Sciences
  • Dr. Adnan Khan, Principal Scientist, Immunology Research, Immuno-Bone Therapeutic Area
  • Dr. Joe Rastrick, Senior Group Leader, Immunology Research
  • Dr. Meryn Griffiths, Biomarker Lead, Translational Medicine Immuno-Bone

Main Contacts

Photo of Dr ‘Matladi N. Ndlovu
Dr ‘Matladi N. Ndlovu