Leiden University Medical Center

The Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) is one of the major medical centres in the Netherlands and funded by the Dutch Government. The LUMC comprises the Academic Hospital Leiden and the Medical School of the Leiden University and employs nearly 7000 people. The LUMC core activities include fundamental and clinical research and the interaction between fundamental research and patient care forms the basis of its success. A considerable proportion of LUMC research is patient oriented ('from bench to bedside and vice versa'). LUMC research also focuses on the assessment of new and existing clinical medical technologies, epidemiological and operational research aspects of healthcare and healthcare safety.

Role within BIOMAP

The group of Prof. Koning is embedded within the Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion where research efforts focus on the role of the immune system in human diseases. The department is fully equipped for cellular immunological, biochemical and molecular biological research. There is a FACS facility for cell analysis and sorting and two mass cytometers. We have implemented all available analysis tools to handle the multidimensional mass cytometry data. results. Within the BIOMAP consortium, Prof. Koning is WP5 coordinator and responsible for the mass cytometry based analysis of skin and blood samples from patients and controls.