Information technology for Translation Medicine S.A.

ITTM is a spin-off company of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. It provides data integration & knowledge management solutions & services to all bio-medical research areas. ITTM offers an integrated BioIT (ICT) service portfolio, ranging from data curation & cleansing, data analysis, integration & visualization, hosting of knowledge platforms, implementation & developments of dedicated software & data analysis pipelines, including training. Its focus is on translational medicine studies & clinical trials, in which heterogeneous data need to be curated, linked & integrated.

Role within BIOMAP

ITTM’s experience in setting up collaborative knowledge platforms for the storage & analysis of heterogeneous biomedical data as well as in visual analytics will be core to BioMAP, in particular, Data Management Plan, data curation, analysis & visualisation. ITTM will bring the principles of data curation & integration established by the IMI projects like eTRIKS, Safe-T, TransBioLine or EMIF to BioMAP project & adapt its guidelines to the relevant data.