2nd Annual World Atopic Eczema Day

On 14th of September 2019 the 2nd annual Wold Atopic Eczema Day took place. Led by the atopic eczema patient community, the World Atopic Eczema Day has the goal to raise awareness and understanding of this allergic chronic skin disease, which is one of the most common non-communicable inflammatory skin diseases. According to this year’s motto “Beneath the surface”, attention was drawn to the impact Atopic Eczema has on the patients´ lives beneath the surface of the skin and how it affects not only health but also overall quality of life. The aim was to bring together people affected by the disease to share their experiences among each other as well as with the public beyond patients and healthcare associations.

To support the World Atopic Eczema Day community in increasing awareness and help skin disease patients to share their experiences to a broad public, BIOMAP organised a twitter campaign and asked “3 questions for Atopic Eczema Day”.

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