University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is one of the largest universities in Finland with over 15000 students and 2500 staff members on two campuses. The Faculty of Health Sciences, located at the UEF Kuopio campus, is unique in Finland and offers education in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biomedicine and health sciences. The multidisciplinary research carried out at UEF is of high international standard and has been ranked among the best in several fields. In particular, the Institute of Biomedicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences conducts high-quality research and offers training to around 800 undergraduates per academic year on human anatomy and physiology, biomedicine, molecular biology and genetics. The cornerstones of the Institute research are Neurodegenerative diseases, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, Cancer and Biomedical Informatics.

Role within BIOMAP

Within the BIOMAP project, UEF scientists from the Biomedical Informatics research group (headed by Dr. Vittorio Fortino) will contribute to the development of computational methods for multi-omics data modelling, with a particular focus on computer-driven refinement of disease subtypes and biomarker discovery.