University of Copenhagen - Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) and the Research Programme for Disease Systems Biology at University of Copenhagen Medical School works as a multi-disciplinary basic research group across bioinformatics, systems biology and medical informatics with particular focus on large data sets of relevance to human health. The Programme for Disease Systems Biology has extensive experience in combining molecular systems biology data and relevant corresponding clinical or registry data. One of the major aims is to understand temporal disease development and use patterns of comorbidities to inform work on aetiologies at the molecular level. The programme also has extensive experience in text mining, of e.g. electronic patient records, free text in biobank questionnaires, and scientific papers. UCPH will use its experience of large-scale data management, temporal data analysis, data integration and medical informatics.

Role within BIOMAP

UCPH will assess comorbidities and longitudinal disease patterns specific for patients with AD and Pso from registered outcomes from DNPR covering 25 years of hospital diagnoses (1994-2018) integrated with information on treatment and lifestyle. Our modelling will be the basis for predicting a combined signature for pathophysiology, susceptibility, or prognosis of healthy/diseased skin. Patient subgroups will following be characterised using molecular data. We have the led in the field of registry analysis (Task 1.5) and involved in bioinformatics tasks (WP2 and WP6).

Main Contacts

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Søren Brunak
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Kirstine G Belling