Technical University of Munich, Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine

The Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine belongs to the TUM School of Medicine of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The Institute of History and Ethics in Medicine (IHEM) has recently changed its focus towards ethics in medicine and health technologies. It has established an active ethics group, led by an internationally renowned bioethicist, offering wide experience in mixed-methods studies and consortia-based research ethics and significant experience in data ethics, citizen science and participatory research methods. The group currently works mainly on the ethical implications of new technologies (data-rich methods, AI, social media etc.) on biomedical practice and research.

Role within BIOMAP

IHEM as part of WP8 will have a dedicated research agenda related to ethical and legal implications of data-rich, predictive research aiming at patient stratification and to the development of preliminary policy recommendations for future ethical and sustainable translation of biomarkers into clinical care.

Main Contacts

Photo of Prof. Dr med. Alena M. Buyx
Prof. Dr med. Alena M. Buyx
Photo of Nora Hangel
Nora Hangel
Photo of Marie-Christine Fritzsche
Marie-Christine Fritzsche